Sunday, May 10, 2009

Every person has a book in them but first you must have an ending that enlightens and inspires

Those of us who write, which now is the world thanks to the Internet, believe we have book inside of us the Earth's inhabitants would bow before to worship for its enlightenment.

I couldn't tell you what would make a good book today. Some folks even asked me to write a book about my life experiences of losing my health, career, my mother and other things we try and assemble around ourselves for protection and security. But I would always remind them, my story is not over yet.

I never believed my leukemia would be over. The only lesson God wanted me to learn was to appreciate the moments of extra living he gave me, along with the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the 24/7 dedication of my heroic wife. She fought everyone from insurance companies to doctors for me. But I forgot too much of her heroics, which is to my great shame.

With my leukemia back, the moments become more precious. What book would one write at this stage of such a story? What should the world know? What feelings should rise to the surface to make the reader remember the moral?

One of the tasks I'm trying to complete is asking forgiveness from many people I have hurt in the past nine months in particular. Just like tellling people "I love you, offering a balm from an unnnecessary hurt is very important. And there are friends in Oklahoma I treated most badly.

Where my life goes from here, I do not know. There won't be a book. That I know for sure.

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