Monday, June 23, 2008

Go to -- now, please

John Lamb's provocative website Hispanic Nashville is playing host to one of the most meaningful columns I've written in my life.

It's about Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Nashville and the effort to raise funds to keep it open past the June 30 deadline to pay off its debt.

In the column, you'll find:

* The story of how Our Lady's brought together 6-year-old Elizabeth and 81-year-old Vita -- separated by history, ethnicity and age but united in a love for the Holy Mother of God.

* My rebuke to Nashville's TV news media and particularly NewsChannel 5's anchor/reporter Scott Arnold for missing Sunday's "Thank You" Open House at Our Lady's for native Nashvillians. Local TV news apparently prefers negative stories about the growing Hispanic presence and ignores those of hope and accomplishment.

* The amazing gifts from two affluent Williamson County churches for a Davidson County place of worship serving the working poor.

* How you can still contribute and be a part of the miracle that is Our Lady's in Nashville.

Please click on and read about all this and more. And leave a comment of thanks to John Lamb for providing the space and energy to publicize this postive news and the continuing need.

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