Thursday, May 29, 2008

Any atheists out there?

One of things I do regularly is research the Internet for things I missed locally and nationally while I was deep in my leukemia fight and had IVs in every place of my body except my whazoo. I had an all different set of problems there, but I'll wait to disclose that in my new TV reality show.

This week, I came across what was called the "Tim Chavez Poll" initiated by the Nashville Atheists Meetup Group. It was posted around Thanksgiving time in 2005, so someone must have been feeling quite charitable then.

Here is the poll:

Tim Chavez is:
a) airhead
b) jackass
c) facist
d) prick
e) all of the above

I'm only thankful my extended family didn't participate in assembling of the poll or there might of been a few more additions to the list.

Seriously, when you put your name and writing out for public consumption, you are fair game. Are you listening, Sen. Barack and Michele Obama? So I take no offense whatsoever to the poll. I know I came on strong back then and didn't write in a way that should have been more inclusive and less rigid. Some of the most moral people I know are atheists. So for my past offenses, I do apologize. I would have even participated in the poll but my leukemia diagnosis came down like a load of bricks several days later.

But there is one thing I cannot forgive. That's the lack of the final poll results on the website. There is a contact person on the site, and you're invited to contact her. But when you click on her name, you have to register for the website. And I don't believe the atheists would want me poisoning their network with my name.

So, if there is someone out there in cyberspace who can give me the final poll results, please send me an e-mail. I'm thinking that the top choice was probably "e", but I'd still like to know for certain. I'm making a kind of scrapbook of things that happened during my time on the brink, and this poll will be a highlight.

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