Saturday, May 24, 2008

Give Hillary Clinton a break

Everyone knows what Sen. Hillary Clinton meant yesterday when she cited the assassination of the late great Sen. Bobby Kennedy during the 1968 Democratic primary season.

Even RFK's son, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., made a statement acknowledging the point of Clinton's remark. She also cited her husband's initial run for the Democratic nomination when he didn't clinch the prize until June.

Don't stop the nomination process so early -- even in June; that was all Sen. Clinton was saying.

But the news media and pundits have jumped on the comment as if Clinton is someone who will say anything to get the nomination of her party. In the case of this comment in particular, she is not. Too often the pundits just have to have something to talk about or they'll whither on the screen and won't be called back for another appearance. Clinton's comment was just fresh meat.

She said what she said and most of us know what she meant. Give Sen. Clinton a break and quit making the comment into something it was not.

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OurHispanicVoices said...

First off, like the blog. As a local (and a Hispanic political junkie) I appreciate the work you are doing, but on this comment I am on the opposite spectrum. While I believe Obama supporters (full disclosure: I'm one) should back away from the outcry and Hillary bashing, becasue party unity is the number one goal at this point, it's a comment that should never have been made, period. The media seems to agree and is calling her out on it. That's fine, a one to two cycle coverage is deserved, as it would be if Obama or McCain had made it, but if it gets drug on further, then its unfortunate. Senator Obama has moved on and so have I.