Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bush pulls a "Dixie Chicks"

In a forum overseas, President Bush last week criticized a fellow U.S. elected official, unofficially labeling probable Democratic presidential nomine Barack Obama as an appeaser of the sort during Hitler's time.

Remember that the Dixie Chicks, according to defenders of the president's policy in Iraq, did bad when they used a foreign forum to criticize Bush. I was one of the critics of the Dixie Chicks for that specific reason.

Granted, Bush helped Obama much more than he hurt him. The president elevated Obama's stature on foreign policy, allowing the Illionois senator to dominate network newscasts for two days with his rebuttal and a subsequent speech and press conference. Sen. John McCain was forced to align himself again with an increasingly unpopular president and make a ridiculous statement that Obama did not think America had any enemies in the world.

I strongly support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. While I wrote ferociously against entering into a war in Iraq, I toned down my criticism after our troops were on the ground. I still volunteer with a Marine families group here in Tennessee, and they're the real heroes in all this thing. We don't talk politics. But officially, I endorsed Obama in the Hispanic press on the Democratic side before the Texas primary. I did not endorse on the GOP side, because McCain was going to clinch the nomination. If that were not the case, I would have endorsed McCain on the GOP side.

No matter. Somewhere, the Dixie Chicks must be laughing ... and penning a pointed song for the fall general election.

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