Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's Pelosi for Obama VP -- I hope

You heard it here first, or second or whatever, but the obvious choice as Sen. Barack Obama's running mate is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Here's why after getting the tip from some Nashville Democrats in the know:

1) She is Catholic(as I am) and she'll help Obama with his shortcomings with that primary electorate, particularly in the Rust Belt states.

2) She is a woman, and not bad-looking one at that, who has recorded an impressive record in Congress and showed herself to already be a very strong-willed Speaker. She has spoken out strongly against the Iraq war. Internationally, she recently gained distinction by being the only political leader of significance in this nation to reach out to Tibetans and their spiritual leader during the Chinese crackdown. Pelosi on the ticket will show this nation's women -- who do most of the voting -- that they will not be sacrificing political progress in the 2008 general election. Pelosi also is young enough to run in four years for president or eight years as Obama's successor.

3) Pelosi enables Obama to tell Sen. Clinton that she has run a fantastic race but her presence on the ticket will not be necessary.

4) Being from California, Pelosi will have appea to Hispanic voters out West. The NYT reported Sunday that Latinos are high on the "must have" lists of both presidential campaigns because of
four key battleground states. Mexican-Americans(I am one), who make up the vast majority of Hispanic voters in this nation, have a matriarchal spot close to their hearts and minds. Our Lady of Guadalupe is not the most visible symbol in Mexican-American culture for nothing.

5) Pelosi is qualified to be president. She has been receiving classified briefings on the war on terror all this decade.

6) Why would she give up all her power in the House with an even larger Democratic majority coming in? Because her party's needs her. Remember, it's supposed to be about the good of the party, its ideals and sense of urgency for the least among us.

7) Sen. Webb of Virginia really doesn't add a lot of excitement to keep Obamamania fully fueled until November. If Sen. Clinton could attract all those white folks she bragged about to USA Today, there's no reason Pelosi cannot do the same.

Believe it or not. And because all the pundits have NOT mentioned this possibility makes it more credible. They've been off base all campaign.

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John Lamb said...

Tim, first of all, welcome to the "blogosphere."

Second, I thought of your post here about Speaker Pelosi when the name of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius came across my radar. What do you think about this strong Catholic Democrat as a running-mate if Obama becomes the official nominee?