Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fight, Teddy, Fight!

Today's news that Sen. Ted Kennedy is fighting a malignant brain tumor takes away one's breath and sense of hope.

Sen. Kennedy has been a true defender of worker rights, particuarly for the working poor, a champion for more health insurance for the sick and marginalized and a bipartisan force in getting the No Child Left Behind reforms passed into law.

He has been a true and lasting friend to the Hispanic people, just like his late brother, Bobby.

This man accustomed to tragedy will show this nation the meaning of courage in his coming fight against cancer. Pray that treatment will reduce the size of the tumor. Pray that God will ease the pain the senator will suffer from chemo and radiation. Most of all, pray for a miracle that Sen. Kennedy will survive, for the good of this country, its most struggling citizens and its abused undocumented workers.

Cancer, potentially lethal cancer, is a difficult burden for everyone to carry, not just the patient. I know that from my ongoing fight with leukemia. So pray for the senator's family and their strength in the coming days. And pray for this nation, that it will outwardly let the senator know how much he is loved and respected.

Fight, Teddy, fight. This nation needs you.

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