Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We still have not overcome, MTSU student discovers

Sadly, in too many parts of this nation, we have not overcome.

This week's Washington Post featured a long piece on surveys filled out by Obama campaign workers who have experienced racism from voters they've approached. Danielle Ross, who delayed her sophomore year at MTSU to work for Sen. Obama's candidacy, is the first person featured in The Washington Post story.

And your heart breaks for her -- and for the rest of this nation.

Here is the website connection to the story:

The experiences come from states like Indiana and Pennsylvania. Last night, Sen. Hillary Clinton claimed victory before enthusiastic supporters in West Virginia. Sen. Clinton is a great candidate and there is much affection for her among Hispanic voters.

But after reading the WP story, one cannot help but feel troubled by a state like West Virginia that was touted as having too many white, blue collar people to support Sen. Obama. Skin color should not matter, just the quality of one's ideas.

Unfortunately, in some places with some people in America 2008, that's just not so. That's not a knock against Sen. Clinton and her well-deserved victory. That's a knock against us.

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