Sunday, July 20, 2008

Go to and read about the embarrassment brought to Metro Nashville by its sheriff, mayor and congressman

Click on today's New York Times web page and see the story of Mrs. Juana Villegas DeLaPaz featured under U.S. headlines on the bottom half of the screen.


My deepest appreciation goes out to Shu Ohno, director of communications for the
Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition. After sending out an appeal a week ago to 150 immigrant advocates across the country, Shu was most kind to reply and offer his media contacts in the Northeast. As a decent human being, he was outraged over the torture of Mrs. DeLaPaz.

Yes, it pays to network, particularly with people who believe in the worth of every human being. Now, if only we could convince Shu to move to Nashville and run for sheriff, mayor or congressman. Daron Hall, Jim Cooper and Dean make for a terrbile trio when it comes to the most vulnerable among us, particularly pregnant women three days from delivering their newborns.

But after reading The Times today, a lot of people of conscience across this nation should be writing off Nashville as a place to visit or bring their conventions. The most ridiculous statement of political spin from Mayor Dean only makes the incident here even more embarrassing to the city's image and reinforces fears that it will only happen again to another very pregnant woman, no matter their race or ethnicity.

The mayor may have to move his office and staff to his proposed $600 million convention center once finished so that it will regularly be used. He deserves no less until he speaks out and acts to end the inhumane 287g deportation program in Davidson County/Nashville.


Irish said...

There is no defense for her treatment at the hospital. Common sense should have prevailed.

However, the 287(G) program is a great tool to deport people here illegally. She was driving w/o a license, which means she had no insurance (suppose she hit your family?), she presented another nation's ID which does no good and a vehicle registration is not a valid form of ID. She should not have been released on a summons - which is a written promise to appear in court - because she already failed to appear for her deportation hearing after being released. So why should we believe she'd show up for court again? She needs to be deported.

NLIRH said...

Hi Tim,

Are there any organizations within TN that is helping Juana?

Thank you for covering her case!