Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two cases but different circumstancs involving death and two undocumented workers

In response to the AP story in the previous post, FOX News on Neal Cavuto's show this morning featured the story of a man in San Francisco killed by an undocumented worker.

And the response of the uneducated on the show was to blame San Francisco for being a sanctuary city, one of 16 in the nation. Such a local ordinance protects undocumented workers and their families from the heinous 287g deportation program.

For the sake of enlightenment, sanctuary city status does NOT protect undocumented workers with a felony criminal record. The accused in this murder case had such a record, but the federal government, again, failed to deport the man even though it knew of his criminal record.

And again, first demand that the Bush administration do its job in enforcing federal immigration law, instead of focusing criticsm on cities like San Francisco.

While these are two cases of deaths involving undocumented workers, the circumstances are much different. People need to take time to think before blurting out an excuse for a federal government not doing its job.

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randyjet said...

Actually, SF DID shield Ramos from the Feds numerous times. The latest outrage was committed after he had been arrested and released once again. The city said that it notified ICE about him, but they failed to mention that they did it only AFTER he had been released, per SF policy.
Not only that, but Mayor Newsom's policy of deporting illegal minors was only brought to light after one of his probation agents was ARRESTED in Houston while trying to spirit out an illegal so that the person would not have a bad record in the US if he came back! THAT is PROMOTING CRIME. It is not even coddling criminals and it is a violation of Federal law.

The US attorney for SF needs to charge the mayor with criminal facilicitation in this case and send him to Club FED for a few years to impress upon him his duty to obey the laws.