Monday, July 21, 2008

Juana's story of torture reaches the influential Daily Kos website; read what the rest of America has to say about Nashville and Davidson County

The story of the torture of Juana Villegas(DeLaPaz) and her newborn son has reached the Daily Kos website, one of the most influential marketplaces of thought and passion in this nation.

And what the nation has to say about Nashville and Davidson County law enforcement authorities is negative -- with the use of the labels "facism" and "anti-immigrant Mayberry."

Go to to read these comments.

With these comments, it is my hope that the nation will be moved to boycott Davidson County and Nashville as a place to visit. Please, America, spend your money elsewhere. This way, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and Congressman Jim Cooper will finally be forced to speak out to force an end to the inhumane 287g deportation program. These men are both Democrats, or what shamefully passes for a Democrat in the South.

Tell these officials what you think of their silence about Juana's torture and their locale's support of 287g. Tell them you're boycotting Nashville and its products. Please keep the communication civil and copy me on your e-mails -- -- so I can publish them and build support:

* Send an e-mail to Congressman Cooper at and click "Contact."

* Send an e-mail to Mayor Dean at

The 287g program has now spread like a virus to 57 communities across this nation. And the state of North Carolina will soon be the first to apply the program statewide. That's Liddy Dole for you and the sheriffs in her state. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which approves petitions from localities to enforce federal immigration law, is hopeless when it comes to understanding any case against the inhumanity of 287g.

So attention must be focused on local officials who bring this program to their communities to win the votes of the anti-immigrant crowd and the followers of fear. And tourism and convention boycotts of these Southern communities is the only way to politically hurt these politicians and force them to affect change. Money still talks the loudest here, particularly if tourists are not paying the high sales tax rate that is continually raised to compensate for the lack of a state income tax in Tennessee.

Here's another reason to stay away from Nashville: the school board just voted to resegregate local public schools. Separate has never been equal, no matter the rationale. But Metro Nashville business and elected officials have chosen to return to the year 1896 and the Plessy vs. Ferguson U.S. Supreme Court decision.

Thank you Daily Kos for bringing this matter to the attention of your influential readership. And special thanks are deserved by for making the post and smartly assessing the damning situation here, in the South and out West.

We can fight and defeat this bigotry -- against Hispanics, African-Americans and all people of conscience -- beginning here in Nashville.

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DinTN said...

Just a thought that came to mind:

Twice I have given birth. Both times, both legs were highly secured to the bed, for the safety of both me and my babies.
A set of handcuffs dangling from one foot would'nt have made one bit of difference to me and I certainly didn't claim to be "tortured" because of it.
Your "torture" theory is getting old.