Sunday, July 6, 2008

The lack of diverse voices on WKRN's This Week continues

Anchor Bob Mueller's and WKRN's This Week Sunday political program continues to reflect a sad and inaccurate view of the kind of voices needed to present opinions in the Nashville aea.

Three white men -- while knowledgeable from their experiences and disabled by their poverty of diverse experiences -- just doesn't cut it. Viewers should receive a diversity of ethnic and racial opinions that will determine the winner of the White House in 2008. For goodness sake, an African-American will be the Democratic Party presidential nominee. And African-Americans represent 25% of Nashville's population. So on This Week, their views really are not represented on common issues and more importantly issues Mueller's is not asking about because of his poverty of experiences.

And then there was the latest show's lack of a woman, the gender that does most of voting in this nation. Poor Liz Murray Garrigan. She can't keep bailing out the show each week, sitting between the political polar extremes as they utter apologistic views for people of their political leanings. Surely Mueller knows someone female who has political opinions of credibility. If he doesn't, that says more about him.

I reruited the Rev. Enoch Fuzz -- who I wrote about yesterday on this website -- for This Week. I was privileged to join Rev. Fuzz. He did great. and I was proud. That's the last I've seen of him on the show. My absence is no loss to viewers. There are more credible people to appear. My gas miles are devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Nashville and shopping for groceries.

The lack of the Nashville area's real reflection on the show's panel of experts is sad to watch. I hope it will improve.

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