Thursday, April 9, 2009

Condolences to WSMV and Tennesseans for loss of Dan Miller and his news sense, style, commitment

Dan Miller -- who died of heart attack last night in his hometown of Augusta, Ga. -- was easy to listen to and watch when he delivered the news.

It was like hearing from a friend telling you about what happened in his or her day.

There was no pretense, no pomposity, no sense of celebrity.

He was simply telling you about our day in Middle Tennessee.

And even if the news was bad, you felt better after getting it from him and his longtime partner on the WSMV set, Demetria Kalodimos. He was so steady, making you feel that the sun would rise another day in the best place to live in America.

Miller will be deeply missed by many Tennesseans. Since I've been here, we've now lost two, major local anchors -- Miller and Chris Clark to retirement.

A bond is created with these figures. They are more than journalists. They are neighbors, and you see them out in the community and you know that they recognize you and what you value. They know the news you want to hear; they recognize what symbolizes the preservation and progress of our communities and what should serve as a warning.

May God console Mr. Miller's family and his family at WSMV -- for their loss is ours as well.

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