Saturday, April 4, 2009

NewsChannel 5 sweeps three National Headliner Awards; that's a remarkable journalism feat

The National Headliner Awards were started when FDR was in his first term.

So to get one is a great honor in journalism circles. To win three in an annual competition as NewsChannel 5 just did is remarkable and proof that it is the best news operation in the state -- print, radio or TV -- and probably beyond Tennessee.

"Congratulations" do not do such an accomplishment justice. And such public service deserves to be recognized.

Here is its story:

The National Headliner Awards have recognized the NewsChannel 5 Investigates team with three awards -- for investigative reporting, business and consumer reporting, and environmental reporting.

In the judging of stories that aired in 2008, NewsChannel 5's investigative team competed against television news operations in all markets across the country.

A first-place award in the business and consumer reporting category went to "NewsChannel 5 Investigates: An Alarming Failure." That investigation highlighted the problem with a common type of smoke detector that may have trouble detecting smoke from smoldering fires.

In the investigative reporting category, the second-place honor was awarded to NewsChannel 5's investigation of the Davidson County General Sessions Court. Those stories exposed judges leaving people waiting while they ran personal errands and court employees goofing off.

And, in the environmental reporting category, a second-place award went to "NewsChannel 5 Investigates: Mountaintop Mining." That investigation revealed the potential threat from a type of mining making its way into Tennessee.

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