Saturday, April 18, 2009

The doctors may be largest impediment to real health care reform to preserve American families

I've had three conversations this week about health care reform to finally do something about reducing the astronomical cost of coverage that simply continues to rise and bankrupt American households.

One conversation was with hospital medical specialist, who supports universal health care. I noted that the new economy will demand universal coverage since new jobs created will probably be contract ones without benefits of any kind. And people are not going to be able to afford coverage on their own, particularly if they have a pre-existing condition.

The doctor said that any reform must be brought about by equal sacrifice from doctors, insurance companies and hospitals. And he says that won't ever happen. The greed is too engrained.

Today I was talking over lunch with an auditor for one of the largest health care- providing companies in the nation. This person knows where all the waste and overspending is. And this person sees more doctors dropping patients tied to Medicare because of the slow and low reimbursement rates.

So where are these people to go just because caring for them by doctors is not profitable enough?

The final conversation comes in a note from a former professor and dear father-figure:

Tim, we hear a lot about health insurance, but that alone is not the solution to the medical care crisis in this country. I have two health insurance plans and yet the out-of-pocket costs for my wife and me totals more each year that all our other living costs combined. Such costs have plunged many into bankruptcy and home loss. The greed I see among health care professionals is enough to sicken one. Also, the insurance premiums alone are staggering for most people.

Something has to give

So it looks like this cause has to first center its focus and passion on the health care professional, who are manipulating the system for treatments and other tasks that are running up the bills for American households.

That's fine with me. I just want to get started -- now. Let's go, Mr. President, and take on the AMA!

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