Monday, April 13, 2009

Politicizing of captain's rescue is another example of what angers people about Tennessean

Among my friends, the one thing that really angers them about The Tennessean is an unncessary politicizing of the news.

This morning's paper was a prime example. The lead story about the Navy's daring rescue of the captain from pirates was led with how the successful action was a big victory for the Obama administration in foreign policy.

But The New York Times in its coverage of the same event gave the credit where it was due: the Navy Seals and their training, to wait until the time was right, then to take out the pirates with their sniper skills. And the captain was unharmed.

My nephew is in the Navy, and he has trained with the Seals for boarding ships and other hand-to-hand action at sea. He testifies to their incredible skills and endurance. These guys are our military's best.

We got to see our best in action this past weekend, and so did the world.

The silliness and brazen political pomposity of the story The Tennessean ran is just more proof of how little it respects the military, whose families dominate this area.

Yesterday was a very proud moment for this nation and those families, and it was our military that deserves the credit. I believe the president would agree, even as The Tennessean tried to make this event into a political event instead of one of courage and training of our nation's very best.


Anonymous said...

I rarely agree with you, but we see eye to eye on this one. I thought the same thing as soon as I read that headline this morning. Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

You're right here Tim, the headline was a joke!