Thursday, April 23, 2009

State unemployment rate soars to 9.6; Tennessee joins Mississippi, North Carolina in rates near or above double digits; human misery much higher

Tennessee's unemployment rate for March matched anecdotal evidence across state communities, soaring to 9.6 percent. A year ago, the rate was 5.7 percent.

The national unemployment rate for March was 8.5%.

Perry County had the highest rate -- an incredible 25.4%. WPLN did a good story earlier this week in talking to residents about searching for work in such a desperate environment and how they want their children as adults to move away.

The misery in the county was most evident from the interviews that were very well done.

It also is evident each Sunday at churches, where parishioners and pastors talk openly about who has been laid off and trading recommendations on where people can look for work or get help.

Tennessee's unemployment rate truly is at a crisis level, considering that it does not consider people who have simply quit looking for work after many months of no luck. Nashville's rate is about 8 percent.

Somebody better tell Gov. Bredesen we have a crisis on our hands and lawmakers to quit taking up so much time worrying about where people can take their guns and debating resolutions about slavery.

Lord, if this is all lawmakers have to meet about, it would be better they stay home and turn over their per diem expense checks to the local food pantries in their districts. That would do the people of this state some good.

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