Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama has looked very presidential in world tour; visit to Iraq and troops today is inspiring and boosts his legitimacy as our commander in chief

Pictures of President Obama with enthusiastic troops in Iraq today were most inspiring and evidence of their confidence in his leadership as our commander in chief.

He deserves ours as well.

Obama has been most presidential in trying to restore world confidence not only in America still being the top superpower but also in our economic leadership as a consumer of the world's goods.

His move to remove some restrictions on this nation's relationship with Cuba has also been a positive foreign policy step.

His inability to convince NATO nations to contribute more troops to Afghanistan was disappointing. Despite its protests, the world -- and especially Europeans -- still looks to this nation as the world's policeman. Somehow, Obama must change that.

Yet the inability of the European nations to even successfully intervene concerning the carnage in Darfur is a testament to that continent's historical failure to confront evils before they get out of hand.

Much work remains for the president when he gets home. But his visit overseas has built confidence here at home and prayers for his safe return and success here. We need him to be successful as the suffering mounts in this nation.

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