Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Texans are interesting people, but I would not want to be one: their sense of history lacks truth

I ran into a group of Texans Saturday night at Mexican restaurant in Nashville.

As an Oklahoman most of my life, I've learned how to loathe Texans but keep it to myself.

But Saturday, I couldn't help it. I asked them how they could stand being away from God's country and among us peons in Tennessee.

They remarked how Tennessee was a sort of sister state, since so many Tennesseans were invited by the Mexicans in the 1830s to come and help fight for independence.

Excuse me.

These Texans have had to depend on a false history to justify not only the supposed fight for independence from Mexico but then the illegal Mexican-American War that was simply a land grab pushed by another Tennessean, James K. Polk.

An enraged Congress, including then Congressman Abraham Lincoln, passed legislation providing $15 million in reparations to the Mexican government for the destruction of that war brought upon a sovereign nation and innocent families.

All those wonderful Tennesseans and Texans reinstituted slavery in Texas once they took over. Mexico had outlawed it. So much for these folks being the good guys. It would not be until Juneteenth in 1865 that Texas' slaves would be notified of their freedom.

I reminded the Texans that their beloved Tennesseans came to the land of people who looked like me with guns. Consider what would happen to Hispanics today if they came to Tennessee with guns.

I then asked if all the American Indians asked for all the freedom fighters from Texas to push further out West and decimate their numbers and civilizations.

Texans don't like to be challenged, particularly when it comes to the truth. But I enjoyed the exercise, because Texas by 2020 is going to be majority Hispanic. And the group of Texans I came across are going to have helluva time dealing with that. You can already see the fighting in Dallas, which is majority Hispanic.

What was taken illegally and with guns, God and Our Lady of Guadalupe have simply returned with the peaceful births of All-American children who happen to have brown skin like me. His justice and timing are perfect.

And these children will rewrite the history of Texas from fable to the truth.

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