Saturday, March 28, 2009

Always pray for the President; we do not need Obama-haters like we had Bush-haters

I frequently write in opposition to the President's programs on the economy and the cost to taxpayers.

But I do not do it with any hate for the man, or even disrespect.

We had that for eight years from some quarters of this nation for President Bush. And that did nothing but make meaningful discussion impossible and any dialogue more personal than purposeful.

There are some people who seek to make a name for themselves by being personal and hateful. Ann Coulter and Maureen Dowd come to mind. Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher also are cut from the same cloth.

But we as Americans who want the best for this nation must not follow their paths and way of thinking.

Even though I disagree with President Obama's programs in some areas, I pray that he is successful. Too many people here in Tennessee and across this nation have lost their jobs and a sense of hope for anyone to be pleased with any politician's failure. His success is their recovery of dignity and a livelihood.

I believe the President is right on the single most important issue in this nation: education. His call for open enrollment in charter public schools will provide a place for children that traditional public and Catholic schools do not want.

That we in Tennessee have to fight black, Democratic lawmakers from Memphis to get this right under state law defies all logic. But they are the obstacle we face here in Tennessee to do what the President wants on this top agenda item.

Education is the single most important determinant about whether a person will be a contributor or taker from society, an individual seeking the American Dream or a threat to hurt themselves and others.

So please pray for the President and hope for his well-being. Do not hate him if you oppose his policies. Stay in the public debate with thoughtful responses to advance dialogue, not stop it.

A divided nation helps no one, except the few who would profit from it.

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