Monday, March 9, 2009

Shape up, America; this nation has a lot of room to save itself by cutting back, acting responsibly

A reader thought I was a little too tough on Americans in telling them that hard times can be good.

Yet consider:

* How did paying for our children to take spring breaks trips to exotic locations become part of the household budget? My parents never would have considered such nonsense. I worked beginning at 13. I worked through high school and college. And you were expected to keep up your grades while working.

Children do not learn the important lessons of life while vacationing with their friends on spring break. They haven't earned that privilege yet.

* How did America become so obese or way overweight? Buffets and overeating have become a tradition. There's a lot of money to save there. Being fit and slender saves a lot on health care costs, too. Get some discipline and pull away from the table, America.

* When did DVD players with TV screens become standard equipment in SUVs? Families used to talk and sing and play games about things they saw along the road. These kind of luxuries are really kind of obscene.

* Cell phones. When did every child have to have one? When did every parent have to have one to talk while driving and make themselves a hazard to everyone on the road?

* Bring back home economics classes. There is a lot to save by simply learning to cook for the family. Spaghetti with tomato sauce and bread is a filling meal and a cheap one, too. Too much pizza ordered from the local or chain eatery can be too costly. Publix in Cool Springs(TN) features a free, daily entree sampling and recipe of how to cook great meals at home.

There's more to add to this list. I just don't understand why such expenditures became household necessities.

Americans have pursued a lavish lifestyle beyond their means. They should cut their own household spending first before demanding government do more.

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