Sunday, March 8, 2009

David Gregory takes apart two hypocrites of both political parties from the Senate; if you're not watching Meet the Press, you're missing a lot

Meet the Press moderator David Gregory continues to shed incredible light on the hypocrisy of Washington, this morning taking apart Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

The topic was the $410 billion omnibus spending bill to keep government operations going. Inside it are more than 7,000 earmarks for pork projects. Sen. John McCain and Sen. Russ Feingold have called on Obama to veto it and demand the earmarks be taken out, in keeping with his promise about earmarks in general in the State of the Union.

Obama, however, is not inclined to do so.

Schumer, a Democrat, has a load of earmarks in the bill. And Graham, a Republican, has a 37 earmarks, including $950,000 for Myrtle Beach to build a convention center. If Myrtle Beach wants a convention center, then it should sell revenue bonds to finance it and let taxpayers there pay off the instruments each year. Graham, however, continued to defend it despite Gregory's grilling.

Schumer tried to defend good earmarks, which there are some, but not more than 7,000. As a good earmark, he cited funding for a mortgage fraud protection program the Brookyln DA said he could not afford.

I'm sorry, but NYC has a hell of a lot of money, and a lot of wealthy people. If the program is needed, why not first go to them first, or get Mayor Bloomberg to fund it. He doesn't mind raising taxes. New Yorkers don't seem to mind paying high taxes.

You can't expect the federal government to cover the cost for even something supposedly good as Schumer cites when its credit card has been overused by $1.5 trillion. Households can't do that. Government should not either.

Schumer and Graham show how much both political parties betray. An Independent political party -- that only is dedicated to protecting the taxpayer first and ensuring he or she keeps as much as their income as possible -- is the only solution to destroy this kind of betrayal and hypocrisy.

Washington has shown it does not have the kind of discipline or responsibility to spend our money. It should then come back to us.

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ginny said...

This is just 1 more example of how out of control our government is. If I ran my household budget like the state and federal government run their budget I would be put in jail for not being able to pay my bill. The same principle should apply to the people who have been elected to run the government. The government is using the taxpayers like a credit card that has no limit. Individuals are doing the same thing with their credit cards. They are all forgetting that there will come a day when there has to be some payback. It is not the taxpayers responsibility to have to make the paybacks for their misuse of funds. I think it is time for the USA to get back to old time values. If you don't have the money, do without until you do. This applies to the govenment or to an individual.

Ginny Lee
Lawrenceburg, TN