Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Media making too big of a deal over Obama's right decision on stem cell research; his move is only controversial to sensationalists and advocates

President Barack Obama made the right decision yesterday in reversing President Bush's decision on stem cell research of embryos.

And the decision is not controversial when it comes to people on Main Street. It actually is a no-brainer. The media coverage of the decision has been to sensational in searching from controversy.

The embryos -- that federal funding will now accompany for research -- are discarded. They never were going to be brought to new life.

From walking the chemo cubicles at Vanderbilt Medical Center where people and I are receiving treatment for leukemia and other extra-ordinary cancers, this research is critical. I talk to the patients and their families. They need new hope. Obama's decision provides just that.

His decision was clearly right. The only moral offense here is in not using these embryos -- that never were going to become life -- to help save people who want to keep on living. Federal funding now makes more research possible.

Well done, Mr. President.


Wtb said...

I totally agree.

Wtb said...

I totally agree

Anonymous said...

Tim, researchers are making better strides with adult stem cells than with embryonic stem cells, so there was no reason for Obama to do this, other than because he can. It is so fundamentally wrong. What do you think your Our Lady of Guadalupe would think about it? I'm not being sarcastic or smart; I really would like to know your thoughts on that.
Thank you.