Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eight days without television, and I'm still living well; it's amazing what you can do without

It now has been eight days without television in my home besides no internet connection.

I'm not going to give in to my cheap landlord who doesn't believe that cable and the internet are basic utilities in today's technological world. I don't live in Grinder's Switch. I'm two blocks from Vanderbilt University, the state leading center of learning.

But El Cheapo Grande won't pay the bill to install the needed wiring even though there is a cable outlet in the place.

This is a sign of the times. I believe everyone is seeing landlords, retailers and other businesses taking the cheap way out in this economy. Integrity be damned. But this kind of practice is the quickest way to lose customers.

With the weather, I spend most of my time outside and watching Vandy baseball games anyway. The libraries are a wonderful resource in providing free computer use. And NPR on radio does a most thorough job of covering the days events globally, nationally and at the State Capitol.

Perhaps this period has taught me about how much each of us can really live without. It is much more than we believe. And my carpal tunnel in my right hand is much better now that I don't have the remote control in it all day long.

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Sherwood said...

I just discovered an old friend, I thouught you had moved out of the Nashville area. Sad to hear about your health problems, but I am confidant that your faith will sustain you and bless us in the process. We need you!

You did not miss anything on TV - except possibly, last night's exchange between our President and Jay Leno - another example of two men of stature talking with one another and - apparently, sensing no need to denigrate others. Very refreshing.

Unlike Senator Alexander's remarks in The Tennessean today, suggesting the President is akin to those who live in the apartment above and fail to tend to the store. I wonder where he has been for the past eight years - that seems to be the perfect epitaph for the Bush administration.