Saturday, March 7, 2009

A very interesting question: Could America go bankrupt? Six in 10 Americans say it could but ...

Six in 10 Americans told FOXNEWS that they believe America could go bankrupt, but the same six in 10 say President Obama has met expectations.

The Dow is down 25 percent this year. And this year is only two months old. We've lost four million jobs.

Technically, since the nation can print its own money, it can't really go bankrupt. Yes, there needs to be someone to buy our debt. The Chinese so far have responded to our begging.

But the Communists soon will demand their own price: which would be taking over Taiwan and completing other expansionist policies.

No, America's can't go bankrupt. But that still doesn't mean people around the world won't suffer for too much spending by our government amid a recession becoming a depression.

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