Saturday, March 14, 2009

So what was the media doing Wednesday on the Hill? Focusing on the giant ego of Ronal Serpas

Metro Police Chief Ronal Serpas loves the TV cameras for his dramatics before governing boards.

Now the chief claims to be there advocating for more laws to deal with crime. Actually, he is building up his public persona, and some of media clustered in front of him Wednesday morning on the Hill were quipping about him running for governor.

Serpas, who boasts of all his sociological study, was in full raging bull mode in ranting about rising robberies in Nashville and need for legislative action. And the TV cameras loved it.

Meanwhile, behind this self-described sociological expert, charter public school children from Memphis and Nashville were walking by like plastic ducks on a carnival shooting game.

They were trying to get heard by any legislator about their cause to get a fair and adequate education for every child like them from the wrong side of the tracks and with the wrong skin color to be heard by people in power.

But they had to walk back and forth behind Serpas to try and find someone to listen. Unsuccessfully. Yet all the media were paying attention to Serpas. And all the lawmakers had scurried for cover in meetings rooms.

You don't need to be deeply educated in sociological studies to know if you want to prevent robberies, murders or whatever mayhem, then show the child soon turning teen a better way. Educate them, challenge them and provide them opportunity for doing right. And that includes summer jobs to make money in a positive way.

C'mon Chief. That's a no-brainer. But it won't get you before the TV cameras as often. It will put you in the trenches with these children and their parents fighting each day for a better Memphis and Nashville without any concerns about running for governor.

Turn some of the TV cameras in hot pursuit of your every rant in the direction of these children and their parents as the real solution to fighting crime.

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