Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 10 without television: I believe I can do this

With the excitement of the NCAA Basketball Tournament and big upsets last night, I thought I would be screaming out in misery after 10 days without television.

But I actually now feel that I can do without the medium. That's a lot for someone raised during the 1960s.

Since I'm writing about everyone sacrificing according to hard times, I should take my own advice. AT&T will provide me internet service, so I don't have to worry about my landlord not wanting to pay to properly wire where I live for cable TV.

Books are now looking so much more appealing. Maybe I can read them before the movies come out.

I go to sleep early anyway, so TV really is not necessary for after hours. The weather has been so great outside that I try to spend as much time out walking around Vanderbilt as possible, and I've been able to catch some Commodoore baseball games.

Perhaps, just perhaps, my level of intelligence will rise from its depths, and this added wisdom might show up in my writing.

So after 10 days without television, I'm quite excited and ready for a new adventure in living without a remote control.

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