Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A good soldier in Iraq needs your help and words

It has been my honor for the past five years to be part of a collection of Marine moms who are organized to support all sons and daughrers in the war on terror.

Officially, it is now called Tennessee Marine Family. And often, e-mails such as these are sent out to the members in support of all servicemen and women, not just Marines.

I just got an email from a 20 year old Soldier's mom that he needs mail. Jonathan is 20 and in Iraq for his 2nd deployment w/ the 82nd ABN.

He deployed on Nov 30, 2008 and is expected to be there 12 months. He will turn 21 on May 5th.

His girlfriend just broke up with him last week while he is in Iraq. He is having a hard time with that. He just needs some cards and letters of encouragment to get him through the rough patch.

Let's flood him with mail...

Email me for the address.


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