Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nashville Free Press is a worthy, thorough read

I was walking along West End Avenue near Centennial Park last week noticing all the gang graffiti on the sides of buildings holding shops and small businesses. I was shocked. There is nothing like that on the buildings around Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church on Nolensville Road.

But I was pleasantly surprised to come across something called The Nashville Free Press in a newsstand. And I discovered it to be a thorough read with a skeptical eye cast to big media coverage to tell the rest of the story on issues of critical importance.

There are national pieces but there also is a bevy of local writers not scared to say what they are thinking. You don't have to agree with everything in the publication to still appreciate the knowledge brought to the issues.

It is up front that it is progressive publication on every page. That means its ideas come from the Left. But that is good. We need to learn about what each other is thinking. I consider myself in the middle and leaning more to the Right. But I have always been willing to listen to ideas and solutions without unnecessary labels. I consider simple right and wrong as more of a standard.

I understand The Free Press is available in West End and Green Hills. There may be more places. It is worth picking it up and reading and for advertisers to consider supporting it. I wish it well in growing and becoming a new and needed voice for Nashville.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Chavez,
Thank you for your kind words about our young paper.
Be well.
John reynolds
Contributing Columnist
Nashville Free Press