Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tennessee's legal industry: It serves itself before you for profit and arrogance; WSMV finds men restrained by protection orders still keep guns

Here's something you already know individually: Tennessee's legal system serves itself first to your detriment and needs.

From divorce courts to criminal ones, the people are ill-served and often robbed of their dignity and dollars. But there can be an even higher cost. And nothing is more shocking than what a WMSV investigation found in a random search of protection orders across Tennessee in domestic violence cases.

A legislative committee today reviewed WSMV's findings of 100 men found not to have been stripped of their gun carrying permits despite being restrained by court orders.

Committee members were outraged. And the TBI chief tried to explain why. Ultimately, one of the biggest problems is that the courts are not getting the protection orders fast enough to the TBI so permits can be stripped.

And that means women die.

All the state Legislature feels it can do is ask for the Judiciary to do better. That's ridiculously wrong.

If not lawmakers, then who is to represent the people's interests? Is sure isn't going to be too many -- but not all -- judges and attorneys using the people's business as a profit-making industry.

But there is a new day coming of accountability.

Look to this blog for developments in a new state effort to shed light on the wrongs of the legal industry so you can know how to demand change.

And congratulations to WSMV for trying to save the lives of women targeted for abuse and even death.

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