Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Three House lawmakers decide that UT football game buses are more important than saving lives

Kudos to WSMV's Cara Kumari for a fine report on a House subcommittee meeting oday tin which a no-brainer measure to ban open containers in motor vehicles failed to get needed support.

Why? Because state Rep. Ulyssess Jones of Memphis, the most worthless member of the House next to Rep. Joe Towns also of Memphis, said that such a measure would interfere with UT buses full of fans drinking on the way to the game.

Yes, you read right. UT football is more important than getting alcohol out of motor vehicles on the road driving by your family.

State law bans a driver from having an open container. But passengers can drink up. And only a fool would believe that the alcohol doesn't ultimately get to the driver.

MADD advocates say we are talking about saving 20 lives.

But in the 3-3 vote, those lives were considered less worthy than the enjoyment of UT football fans wanting to get loaded.

If this gets you mad, then ask that a subcommittee member bring the measure to the full House floor. State Rep. Jon Lundberg, (R-Bristol), supports the bill.

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