Saturday, November 29, 2008

Far Left will be first to desert President Obama

The nation's Far Left deserves a lot of respect for its passion on issues affecting us all, particularly the less fortunat and this nation reputation around the world. God bless them all.

But their expectations of President-elect Obama will leave these liberals quickly disenchanted with the new chief executive after only a few months.

He will not close Guantanamo.

He will not reverse Bush administration surveillance policy.

Withdrawl from Iraq will be slower than expected.

He may well send more troops into Afghanistan and increase U.S. incursions into Pakistan to go after Bin Laden.

He may well delay the middle class tax cuts that will raise taxes on the more affluent because of the impact on the stock market.

He is against gay marriage and will not back efforts to overturn referenda in California and two other states Nov. 4.

On civil rights, Obama did not campaign as a black candidate but a president for all the people.

His health care plan is not universal coverage, which is what this nation needs. And he may well not introduce legislation to expand health care coverage until the economy turns around.

He has surrounded himself with Clinton administration officials who deregulated the financial industry, allowing banks to sell bad home loans upstream to investment houses that then packaged the loans into securities for investors to buy for quick, big profit. These men are not reformers of the scandal on Wall Street.

Immigration reform may also be delayed for at least two years.

He may well not push for passage of what has been called the Choice Act, which eliminates the secret ballot for union votes in workplaces to determine employee representation. Former U.S. Sen. George McGovern is against the Choice Act. I believe he is right in his opposition.

I can understand the passions of the Far Left for their issues, and they are mostly right in how they feel. But President Obama is not going to move fast but concentrate only on the economy, the economy and the economy in his first year in office.

Please. Be patient, not angry.

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