Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's up with the Metro Police Department and DA's office; two arrests and exonerations in murder cases point to wrongdoing, or even worse

NewsChannel 5 is exclusively reporting that the convictions of two men regarding the murder of 12-year-old Adrianna Dickerson have been thrown out and it appears these men were not the ones responsible for ths tragic death of an innocent 13 years ago.

This shocking reporting comes on the heels last week of a murder charge thrown out against an undocumented human being in regards to the deaths of two next-door neighbors in Nashville. In fact, the jury returned the exoneration after only five hours of deliberation. The public defender did not even put on any witnesses.

So how did the Metro Police and the DA's office horribly botch these prominent cases?

People should be demanding answers since these turns of events mean that murderers are still on the lose. The DA and police chief should be called before the Metro Council to answer questions from representatives and the public. Because the wrongs involving both offices are long and far beyond just these two cases.

In addition, County Sheriff Daron Hall should be forced to end the 287 deportation program here in Nashville since he sold it to citizens based on the unfounded murder charges against this undocumented human being.

Nashville's justice system continues to corrupt. From Phil Wiiliams' ongoing investigation of Metro judges to these two stunning cases of the wrong people being accused or murder, it is not long before you or your loved ones will get snared by officials who do not know what they are doing ... or really care.

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