Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NewsChannel 5 should keep news out of copter; Conte's theme park costing taxpayers dearly

NewsChannel 5 this morning featured a helicopter flyover of the political amusement park First Lady Andrea Conte has built underground at the governor's mansion.

The helicopter pilot offered a little bit of description then provided propaganda from the governor's office that this gross waste of time and effort was costing taxpayers little.


Conte maneuvered behind the scenes to sink $11 million in taxpayer money into a place where she and her husband could entertain other people with titles. The governor's office even tried to keep e-mails on this matter secret.

That $11 million in spending is a source of great immorality now since the state will probably face a $1 billion budget deficit by January. And the governor will cut programs serving the most needy and axe the number of state workers.

How many people could have been kept on the job or receiving needed health care if the First Lady hadn't decided that her pet project needed taxpayer money? A lot.

NewsChannel 5 should be ashamed of itself for participating in this disinformation campaign from the governor's office. The people of this state deserve better if the station is to serve in any kind of a watchdog role.

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