Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Marsha!Marsha!Marsha's! star dims in Congress

Ken Whitehouse of the City Paper has become a must read for political news tied to Tennessee.

And his latest revelation about Congressperson Marsha!Marsha!Marsha! Blackburn signals that her political star may have dimmed with the Nov. 4 general election.

Blackburn -- who appears frequently on FOXNEWS to spout her extreme agenda -- lost to a much lesser known lawmaker to head a Republican caucus that has a lot of say about party public policy.

How could this be? Perhaps the GOP is trying to remake itself from the immigrant-hating agenda that Blackburn and others in the party push. Americans of Hispanic descent delivered Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and California to President-elect Barack Obama.

With her failure to also obey federal election law in not adeuqately reporting campaign contributions for years, and directing some of that money to benefit her daughter's business during her campaigns, Blackburn has shown herself to be a lawmaker of questionable integrity.

Blackburn is more of a hindrance to the GOP and a more tolerant America than a benefit.

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