Friday, November 14, 2008

NewsChannel 5 rules! Its reporting this week has produced breaking and investigative scoops

NewsChannel 5 pushed itself further into the lead of being the primary source of news in Middle Tennessee with reporting the past week that has people talking at the water coolers and authorities looking behind their backs.

Phil Williams' investigative series on the wrongs of Davidson County judges and their staffs deserves kudos for taking up for people of this area forced to wait hours in court for jurists interested in something other than swift justice.

Nick Beres' broke the news on the overturning of the convictions in the Adrianne Dickserson case. Most troubling was his last report of a key eyewitness lying on the stand and the man's contention that the DA's office urged him to do so.

Despite protestations to the contrary from the local DA's office, I've covered anhd investigated enough capital cases -- including the one of the late Philip Workman -- to know that authorities encouraging witnesses to lie is not that uncommon.

Davidson County residents should be shuddering at these revelations of a local justice system gone haywire. And they should be praising NewsChannel 5 for looking out for us.

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