Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ted Turner lets Lou Dobbs have it over anti-immigrant rant making his show unappealing

CNN's Lou Dobbs featured a long clip of his talk with network founder Ted Turner which touched on the anti-immigrant flavor of his show.

When it comes to building a wall on the Mexican border which Dobbs is pushing, Turner asked the immigrant-basher how his sentiments fit with President Ronald Reagan's exhortation to Mikail Gorbachev to "tear down this wall" when it came to Berlin.

Walls, Turner told Dobbs, are not really humane. They are not how people get along. Then Turner asked Dobbs about where was his call for a wall on the Canadian border.

Dobbs didn't have a reply, just smiled and spoke around the obviousness of his bigotry.

But it got worse. Dobbs said he actually agreed with Turner that there needs to be immigration reform to allow people already here and contributing to remain legally.

Ol' Ted showed Lou for what he is. And that's another reason why Hispanics went two-thirds for Obama on Nov. 4, to tell people such as Dobbs that their hate is not needed in a changing America.


midnitelamp said...

of course the berlin wall was to keep people in,not out.

Carolina said...

Tim, I don't think Lou Dobbs is anti-immigrant. I believe he's anti-ILLEGAL immigrant. There is a BIG difference.