Friday, November 7, 2008

Now what Nashville? Undocumented immigrant charged with murder quickly acquitted of murder

Jose Murillo-Sosa became the poster boy Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall's push to win political points by ratcheting up the hate of immigrants here and bringing the heinous 287g deportation program to Nashville.

Murillo-Sosa was accused of murdering two next-door neighbors in 2006. It was a heinous crime. And Hall jumped on it to say the deportation program was needed to get the criminal elements of immigrants out of Nashville.

But Hall forgot about a very important moral and constitutional matter on his way to scoring political points, along with his supporters U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper, U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. Murillo-Sosa, despite the color of his skin and accent of his voice, was still considered innocent until proven guilty.

And yesterday, a jury quickly acquitted Murillo-Sosa of murder despite his public defender not putting on one defense witness to counter prosecution claims. That's how poor the case was against this human being. Court testimony also pointed to two particular relatives of these poor murdered people who had access to the home.

So what now Nashville? You bought into a program to further a sheriff's political career based on a lie that a jury of your fellow citizens saw through. And even more of a lie, Sheriff Hall has made his program into one that goes after undocumented immigrants with no criminal record. It destroys families and even tortured a Hispanic mother during labor and after childbirth.

Mayor Karl Dean and Rep. Cooper, both Democrats, have remained silent about this wrong. The Tennessean newspaper has shown no courage or integrity to demand an end to this program.

The immorality of 287g and the growing hate of immigrants represent an overwhelming stench in this city with 1,000 places of worship. And now it has spawned an English only referendum that voters will consider Jan. 22.

Nashville is a place of gross hypocrisy and growing hate -- that a jury thankfully saw through yesterday in acquitting an immigrant human being of murder.

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Sly said...

This is our city and not the illegals that infest it. Like any infestation, we will have to fumigate to rid ourselves of the pestilence. You ask what next Nashville? That is what I propose.