Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Phil Williams remains the best journalist in TN

If you've been watching NewsChannel 5' Phil Williams ongoing investigation of Davidson County judges appearing to put second jobs and laziness ahead on the needs of the people in justice system, then you've seen again why this guy is the best journalist in Tennessee.

No one else comes close. And his Thursday's installment at 6 p.m. will be a must watch. To look at all those people -- many who can't afford to be away from work -- waiting for hours for these self-serving judges is beyond outrage. And any disciplinary action ever taken against these judges is closed off the public. That's the problem when one profession polices itself.

Perhaps an incoming GOP General Assembly -- of a party that pushes tort reform -- might consider opening up the disciplinary process to the people.

From Williams' series, as so many others, hopefully change will be effected. That the desire of every good journalist, particularly the top one in Tennessee in Williams.

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