Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today's Tennessean a preview of big cuts to come

The Tennessean and Gannett newspapers across the country are expected to announce cruel, big layoffs and buyouts this Wednesday to bring tidings of comfort and joy to thousands of famiies, including 100 here.

Today's Tennessean was a preview of what readers can expect in the future. The Business section featured no local staff byline on a single story. That's incredibly disappointing and a signal to Middle Tennesseans that they are going to be getting much less from the newspaper.

Say a prayer for the newspaper families here and across the nation that will have their futures ruined. There are few jobs in the newspaper industry. So most families will be turned into the economic night.

Our industry used to stand for right and serving as a watchdog against those who abused the public trust. Now, it is just another offender. And readers have few others places to turn to protect this republic with needed information and leadership.

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