Friday, February 13, 2009

After two failed nominations, is Commerce Department really worth the cost of existence?

As President "I Screwed Up" has gone through two nominees, talk is growing that the Department of Commerce should just be folded up.

That's a point made tonight by CNBC's Larry Kudlow, not my favorite analyst but someone Obama invited to dinner at the White House to woo his favor.

It didn't work. Now that Bill Richardson had to step back because of potential scandal back at home and Judd Gregg removed his name because he couldn't reconcile the administration's positions with his principles, why is a commerce secretary needed at all?

And why is a Commerce Department needed? Can you tell me how a Commerce Department benefitted your life the past eight years?

Let Obama bring change to Washington and eliminate the department and all its spending. That can pay off some of the cost from the stimulus plan.

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