Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Illinois senator lied about Gov. B connection

The new U.S. senator from Illinois has been shown to have lied in earlier statements that he was not been contacted -- before his appointment -- to financially help then Gov. Rod Blagojevich, according to documents reported on by The New York Times.

The cesspool of Chicago politics reveals a unmistakable stain of dishonesty that does not wash out. And that same cesspool produced the current president, Barack Obama. But it seems the cesspool among Democrats has spread beyond just Chicago.

Was the Clinton administration the good ol' days when it came to integrity?

Blagojevich appointed Sen. Roland W. Burris. And Senate Democrats initially opposed his seating, then strangely relented. Increasingly, Democrats in power are showing themselves to be disturbingly dishonest -- not only in paying taxes but in simple statements of truth versus lies.

The Times reported:

CHICAGO — Senator Roland W. Burris acknowledged in documents made public on Saturday that the brother of former Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich sought campaign fund-raising help from him in the weeks and months before his appointment to succeed Barack Obama as Illinois’s junior senator.

Mr. Burris said he provided no money to Governor Blagojevich’s campaign in response to the brother’s request.

The disclosure was inconsistent with Mr. Burris’s earlier descriptions, including one under oath, of his conversations with those closest to the former governor. It raised new questions about events that preceded Mr. Burris’s unusual appointment in late December, and prompted some Republican lawmakers in Illinois to immediately demand an inquiry into whether Mr. Burris committed perjury.

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