Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Round 4-7: The Obama budget, country's direction; split cards give rounds to Obama

President said he will submit a budget to Congress that is a vision, not a spending plan dead on arrival.

Both parties will have to sacrifice some worthy priorities.

Butget will invest in three areas: energy, health care and education.

the country that harnesses renewalable energy will lead the century, Obama said. It is time for America to lead again in this industry. Basic research funding to increase. Lay down thousands of miles of lines to carry energy to new area. Jobs will be created in this industry. Clean coal, more efficient cars, wind energy.

Obama says automakers will not be rescued from bad decisions but industry will not be abandoned and will be restructured. Uh oh, auto bailout. "None of this will come without cost," Obama said.

Health care costs: Cause a bankruptcy in America every 30 seconds. Cost of health care is main reason small businesses close.

Electronic health records -- save costs. Conquer disease by seeking cure for cancer in our time. Largest investment in preventive care. A down payment on quality health care for everyone. Will help bring down deficit with savings.

"Health care reform cannot wait another year."

Education: Three quarters of fastest growing occupations require more than high school diploma. Half of students who start college never finish. This is a prescription to economic decline. This administration committed to quality education for every child up to entering a profession.

Stimulus plan makes college more affordable for 7 million American.

Our schools need more reform. New incentives for teacher performance. Invest in innovative program for schools closing achievement gaps.

Expand commitment to charter public schools.

Obama asks for every American to commit to one more year of education after high school.

By 2020, America's goal will be to lead world in college grads.

The National Debt: Republicans finally cheer.

Pledges to cut deficit in half by end of first term in office. Identified $2 trillion in savings by end of next decade.

Eliminate education programs that don't work and agri-business subsidies. End no-bid contracts in Iraq.

Root out waste and abuse in Medicare program. End tax breaks for companies that shift jobs overseas. Starting to sound like one of his campaign speeches.

End tax breaks for wealthiest 2 percent of Americans. If your family earns less than $250,000 a year, your taxes will not increase, president says.

Begin conversation of Social Security Reform.

Deficit of trust in nation. This budget looks ahead for 10 years.

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