Thursday, February 26, 2009

America playing both ends for profit as Mexico descends into chaos and probable collapse

I was sitting in the choir box at church Tuesday when a fellow singer and I were discussing what I had been writing lately on my blog.

I noted the danger of government collapse in Mexico and Pakistan and the danger posed to our nation and world.

Mexico's problems revolve around druglords who are winning the battle with the government for control. Part of the problem is corruption in the police and with judicial authorities.

My friend responded that Mexico's history of corruption was baffling and sad. The bottom line is that there is something wrong with people south of the border.

There really isn't. They actually are no different than us, and so it is with their government.

It is just that America has had the wealth to withstand the corruption undermining all levels of government. But "had" is the key word here. Our nation is collapsing economically because all the corruption here from Wall Street to banks to Washington to personal households has finally caught up with America and dried up all available funds.

And so this nation's leaders are embarking on unprecedented deficit spending that will ensure this nation never returns to the wealthy days it once enjoyed. In a way, that is a corruption.

If we look at history, America stole its way to the prosperity that allowed it to cover up its corruption. Texas and California are major global economies in themselves. If Mexico had them still, then the situation would be in reverse concerning government collapse.

Today's New York Times reports on how gun dealers in this nation are profiting from shipping weapons to the druglords in Mexico to win the fight. Isn't that ironic, considering the Lou Dobbs always complains about Mexico sending drugs in the U.S to our detriment?

The bigot never criticizes the addictions of America's citizens. You have to provide the market before the drugs can be sent in. It always is easier to blame someone else than to apply discipline at home.

Mexico's collapse will severely affect this nation, particularly the border states. A refugee crisis will have to be addressed by President Obama as citizens from South of the border flee here for safety. If Obama can show mercy to terrorists at Guantanamo, will he do the same for Mexican families who have done no wrong?

America's role historically and currently in Mexico's collapse is unmistakable. And our government now enters its most uncertain days as we no longer have the wealth to cover up all our corruption.

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