Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama comes out against Fairness Doctrine but Dems in Congress still want to push this wrong

Re-instating the Fairness Doctrine does not have the support of President Obama -- the White House announced this week -- but some Congressional Democrats still are intent on pushing the requirement of equal time for political radio programs.

Capitalism and consumers should determine what programs radio offers, political or not. Conservatives have found an audience. Liberals with Air America did not. It failed quickly.

Re-introducing the Fairness Doctrine would be another interference in the free markets by Democrats -- the kind that has already produced disastrous results.

Leave radio alone, along with the rest of the economy. Do not interfere with freedom of speech by re-introducing the Fairness Doctrine. Let the consumers decide.

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Anonymous said...

The Fairness Doctrine is not an attempt to have equal time for both views of opposing parties, but an attempt by Demoncraps to snuff out conservative radio. If this does make it into law you can consider it a very strong stride towards Obamas socialist nation.