Saturday, February 28, 2009

Want to know why American auto industry needs bailing out: Go to Consumer Reports' gradings

My friend and colleague Tony Williams of Dallas sends me another gem from his mighty perspective on the world:

Consumers Reports gradings of the top vehicles lacks American autos.

Of the more than 300 vehicles Consumer Reports recently tested, these Top Picks are the best all-around choices in their categories. This year's list includes two new models: The Toyota Highlander is the new pick for midsized SUVs, unseating the Hyundai Santa Fe. And thanks to improved reliability, the Chevrolet Avalanche replaced the Chevrolet Silverado as top choice for pickups. See more details on all Top Picks in the Profiles.

So why should the taxpayer bail out an industry not delivering quality? The big newspaper industry is closing down because of it. Big Auto should, too, in GM and Chrysler.

Ford is fighting back and is making do on its own. Let free market capitalism remain free.

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