Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bredesen won't be HHS secretary after Gregg departure; Obama can't take new embarrassment

With the embarrassing withdrawal of Sen. Judd Gregg as Commerce Secretary nominee, President "I Screwed Up" cannot afford another Cabinet failure and controversy -- and that dooms Gov. Phil Bredesen's chances at being HHS secretary.

Thanks to the Tennessee Health Care Coalition and its principled leader Tony Garr, the health care advocacy community nationally has mobilized in opposition and let the Obama administration know it would be in for a fight if it nominated a man whose health care cuts killed people.

I know. I wrote about these cases.

Obama cannot stand more controversy. He needs an easy nomination process. Bredesen will not provide that. And in anger, Bredesen lashed out last week at his critics telling the truth about him. He knows his political career is over after 2010.

The nation's gain in Bredesen not being the new HHS secretary will be Tennessee's continuing loss in having a leader who has no heart or concern for the good people here.

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