Monday, February 16, 2009

The rise of another Democratic tax dodger

Probable Minnesota Sen. Al Franken will bring to Washington what is becoming a regular record of prominent Democrats.

He is a tax dodger.

During the primary campaign, a blogger uncovered the truth that Franken had failed to pay his business taxes in California for years. A thin-skinned Franken was outraged at the revelation, saying it took the campaign off the issues.

But with all the Obama nominees who also could not pay their taxes on times, failure to follow one's legal responsibility has become a very important campaign issue to the American people who wouldn't dare to do the same.

Franken still seems to have the advantage to be seated over Sen. Norm Coleman and become the 59th Democrat in the Senate. The Democrat has a several-hundred vote lead. Coleman has taken the matter to court, but that still remains a long shot.

Ultimately, Franken belongs in Washington, with fellow Democrats who have no respect for tax laws but greatly enjoy spending the money of those who do.

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