Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Corker vs Bredesen: Personal friends will be on either side of auto bailout plan before Congress

Republican Sen. Bob Corker and Democrat In Name Only Gov. Phil Bredesen are personal friends, annually sharing Thanksgiving dinner with the other.

Yet now their political fortunes are pitted against the other:

Corker has made a big political name for himself nationally in rightly opposing the auto industry bailout, which now has eclipsed $40 billion from $28 billion late last year.

Bredesen in turn has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money in economic dependence on the auto industry, a very bad move considering this severe recession in consumer spending. Bredesen's intellect has always been overrated when it comes to making decisions for the betterment of the many over the few.

The closing of the Spring Hill plant by General Motors would be disastrous for the Tennessee economy and tax collections. Foreclosures would mushroom in Maury and Williamson County. The current $1 billion budget deficit would grow dramatically.

If GM does not get the bailout Corker opposes, it will have to file for bankruptcy. It says it can't pay its employees or vendors by the end of March. If it files for bankruptcy reorganization, the chances of the survival of GM's Spring Hill's operations will be further up in the air. And their wages will be quickly reduced early in the bankruptcy process.

Public pressure will grow on Corker to change his mind on the bailout. And Bredesen will be pressured to publicly lobby his friend.

Thanksgiving 2009 may cause more nausea than good will.

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