Friday, February 13, 2009

Even though DA avoids responsibility, House Republicans should not in ousting Kelsey

Metro Nashville/Davidson County's district attorney avoided responsibility and decided not to charge state Rep. Brian Kelsey for his extortive efforts in offering to ease his ethics' push in return for a committee chairmanship from the puppet House Speaker.

Kelsey's aim was obvious, even if the DA has excused it. So the leadership of his political party should bring ethics charges against him for his ouster. While his actions may pass muster in political circles at Legislative Plaza and in the DA's office, they are an insult to the people of Tennessee.

Kelsey should not be allowed to hold office and should be ousted by his colleagues. Failure to do so will show that the House GOP is no better the Naifeh and the Democrats. So why change?

The DA has shown himself unwilling to take on politicians. Gov. Phil Bredesen violated state law in using his fortune to loan millions of dollars to his last gubernatorial campaign. The DA can use the excuse of an AG's opinion. But it does not supersede the law.

Kelsey has been allowed off the hook. So has Bredesen. The DA has shown he does not represent the people interests or that of the law.

House Republican leaders should now show what they stand for, if anything at all.

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